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Indigo Rose Tomato

‘Indigo Rose’ Tomato

Pink blueberries and now blue tomatoes!  Not just cool in color, the ‘Indigo Rose’ Tomato, newly released in 2012, is one a few exciting new tomatoes, part of a series of tomatoes bred by Oregon State University.

'Indigo Kumquat' Tomato

‘Indigo Kumquat’ Tomato

The reason this tomato sports a blue-purple color has everything to do with anthocyanin.

Research on anthocyanins has intensified recently because it is believed to offer protection from cardiovascular damage and have anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Some studies show a role in vision improvement and diabetes prevention.  So how do you get more anthocyanin in your diet?  You get fruits and

'Indigo Apple' Tomato

‘Indigo Apple’ Tomato

vegetables that have this bluish-purple color like red cabbage, plums, eggplants and blueberries.

The purple pigment develops as the tomato is exposed to the sun. Portions shaded by leaves do not develop the anthocyanins. As the tomato ripens, it becomes less purple and the green turns red. The flesh is red but the anthocyanins are primarily in the skin and outer flesh.You can learn more about “Indigo Rose” and the Indigo Tomato Series on the OSU website.

'Indigo Blue Beauty' Tomato

‘Indigo Blue Beauty’ Tomato

Other fun Indigo Tomatoes you will find at The Plant Farm this year include: ‘Blue Beauty’, ‘Sun’ and ‘Kumquat’. Arriving soon from the Indigo Series are ‘Apple’ and ‘Blue Berries’

Healthy eating was never so much fun.


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