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The Koi pond at our new store seems to have been an instant success with Hoover and the other 11 koi we moved because in the last few years the count has gone from this initial 11 to maybe over 60, 70 or more!  I don’t really know because the newest ones aren’t up to the older fish-gang members tricks of crowding to the bridge, begging for the fish food and I have never stood there long enough to count….I don’t really know how you could count them.  You’ll have to come in to try.

A little history of Hoover’s gang…

A couple of the fish were adopted in 1985- Hoover (the biggest fish and a female – a yellow grey mix) and Moby (the next biggest fish, a boy who’s a creamy white).  The rest of the first 11 were adopted in ’87. When we started the nursery at the initial site, back in 1994, we built a pond that was stocked with Moby’s gang and some gold fish. Each year the gold fish population was growing like crazy but we never had any baby koi in over 12 years, just the same 11 koi we started with.  Then, when we moved here in 2006, we brought only the koi with us and gave all the goldfish away.

Imagine the surprise when little tiny baby fish were soon spotted, not long after the move! The koi had spawned a new crop of baby koi for the first time since we had adopted them.  The fish apparently had competition between the two species and as soon as the koi had no goldfish to eat all the eggs they made babies like mad! Although now they seem to be slowing down a bit, thankfully.

It’s fun to bring the family into The Plant Farm for a visit during the summer to early autumn to shop or browse and feed the koi.  We have a fish food vending machine that is set out when the water temperature is warm enough, above 55 F.  In colder water the fish cannot digest the food, so they do not get fed from the end of October until late spring, usually sometime in April. Come out now while they are in a feeding frenzy and bring some quarters! 

 We think the coolest thing, next to the thrill of feeding the fish, is that the quarters you put into Hoover’s fish food vending machine ends up going to feed our neighbors at the Marysville Community Food Bank. This year was the second season we have been able to gift over to the food bank the sum total of all your quarters and the dollar amount this time was $1,400.00!  Hoover says thank you and we say thank you and I know the Marysville Food Bank thanks you.

So grab the family, some quarters and come in for a visit soon! Be sure to say hi to Hoover and her gang and see if you can count them!


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They’re both getting up late this year!

  The weather, as you know, has been pretty cold this year, colder than normal and we can really see its effects with these two major attractions at The Plant Farm.

  The flower display for the freeway has always been put up by Mother’s Day weekend, every year since we’ve been open, but sadly, not this year. This color crop is just not far enough along in its growth and development to display outdoors. For the past three months these planters have been snuggled into a heated greenhouse growing and setting flower buds. If we had just had a bit more sun we feel we would have been on time as planned, but as it sits, this is the first year we’ll miss our Mother’s Day mark. Dang rain!

  On the bright side, the hanging flower baskets we sell were ready and got shipped over about the 22nd of April. At first they didn’t have too many flower buds open, but with that little bit of sun we had they are really looking great now. Since your baskets are hung close to the house you won’t have to worry about the weather as much as we do with the exposed setting we subject our display to.  

  Don’t miss out on this year’s crop of baskets for a quick Mom’s Day gift here at The Plant Farm and remember to pick up a package of our Summer Liquid Feed that your Mom needs to be fertilizing her basket with and you will be her biggest hero. Our hours now are 9-7 every single day, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

  Hurray! It’s finally May and our fish are swimming around again, showing interest in visitors! This may seem like a silly thing to be excited about, but I can’t remember a spring this tardy…where Hoover and Company were not already actively feeding by now. This has been an exceptionally cold winter and they have been on a very long fast. We have had to explain for months, especially lately, that since fish are cold blooded they can’t digest their food when the water temperature is less than 54F. You possibly didn’t know that the fish haven’t been fed at all since last Halloween! On that day we pulled the vending machine to store it for the winter as the fish settled into the bottom of the pond to wait out the cold weather to come.

  Every April we get out the ol’ floating thermometer to start checking the ponds water temperature and it has finally reached a point that’s warm enough to start feeding Hoover and the kids again. But only a little bit can be fed daily to start with since their digestion is still not woken up entirely. So next time you come visit us, make sure to go out and wave ‘Hi’ to Hoover’s gang and if the vending machine is out, drop in a quarter for a little fish food. Hoover and Company will thank you!

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